Profile Screening

Profile Screening

The Reason We Screen Every Member Request

Prior to our Profile Screening process, we simply approved anyone who wishes to join our Platform. However, as it continues to grow substantially each day, there was inevitably individuals that would try to take advantage of others and cause mayhem. After analyzing the issue, we noticed that these individuals had a fake profile, duplicated accounts, and/or limited information on their public profile.

In response, our team decided to tightened security as a precautionary measure to all of our current members. This means that all profiles (new and current) are now subjected to a public profile screening across all of our platforms. We understand and respect your privacy; therefore, this is not a criteria but a guideline of items we look for. Your profile needs enough evidence to prove you are indeed a real person. How you go about doing so, is entirely up to you.

You Have Opportunities To Request Again If Initially Denied

If you notice that you must request to join again, this means you are initially denied membership. You would need to review our guidelines, make adjustments accordingly, and request again.

On-Going Screening

We are constantly screening our current members to ensure that profiles are up to standard. If a member’s profile is not kept up-to-standards, his or her membership will be revoked until the appropriate measures has been taken. This means, you are not banned but given a warning. You will have the option to rejoin.