Highly Suggested Payment Method

Highly Suggested Payment Method

The ravExchange community is built on the concept of bringing together like-minded people who wish to buy, sell, and exchange tickets with an ease of mind. However, sometimes bad transactions do happen. It is important to take precautions as all transactions are taken at your own risk.

But that does not mean we are not here for you. Our team is continuously researching and developing new strategies to increase security and safety. In fact, we discovered PayPal offers fraud protection for both buyers and sellers.

All parties can have a regular account, but the guidelines provided must be followed in order for both parties to be protected. These guidelines – shown on the left – were given to our team by a PayPal representative. This must be completed by theĀ seller.


For the Terms & Conditions on the last step of the invoice, here is the message you must complete and enter:

The buyer, ___________ have purchased # amount of tickets for the event, ___________, from me, ___________ (your name) who was the original purchaser. The buyer will pay ___________ (total cost for tickets) on ___________ (date). It is agreed that on ___________ (date) that I will send the tickets through ___________ (email, TM transfer, etc.) after the buyer has completed their payment. It is understood that I am responsible for ensuring that these tickets are legit and the buyer will be able to attend the event with ease. I understand that if I fail to provide the buyer a working tickets, the buyer has the ability to report this transaction to PayPal to turn into a dispute/claim. It is also a mutual understanding that the buyer is honest about whether or not the tickets worked and is not disputing the any other reason. The buyer understands that if the buyer is dishonest about the validity of the ticket, the seller has the right to dispute.