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Member Terms
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Terms and Conditions (“Member Terms”)


When ravExchange was first established in 2013, it was designed as a platform to bring together like-minded people who wish to buy, sell, and exchange tickets with an ease of mind. The result was an explosive growth of a community that undoubtedly verified our belief that such a community was necessary. However, as it continues to grow substantially each day, there was inevitably individuals that would try to take advantage of others and cause mayhem.

With experience as our guidance, we started to develop guidelines to not only preserve the peace within our community, but to increase efficiency, security, and accessibility for tickets. We are always working to make sure you have a safe experience on ravExchange. This set of Member Terms outline what type of sharing are allowed and what can be removed by us. It is designed to help keep ravExchange a welcoming place and to help us keep everyone safe.

Before we begin, it is important to understand that as our community grows, our team does not have the bandwidth to provide warnings to every offender. It is a free platform that our team dedicate personal free time to, in addition to our personal life and day jobs. Thus, it is not our priority to ensure you are following the rules that you are expected to know.

Reservation of Rights

We reserve the right to refuse or revoke member privileges to anyone.
We reserve the right to delete posts and comments if a violation occurs.
We reserve the right to make decisions needed to preserve the peace within the community.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. *
We reserve the right to make mistakes, but we only wish to learn from them.

* If a revision is material, we will provide a public announcement under ‘bulletin board’ to any terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion.


ravExchange always encourages healthy buying and selling habits. The team is continuously researching and developing new strategies to increase security and safety.

It is important to take precautions as all transactions are taken at your own risk. ravExchange is not liable for any errors, damages, or loss that may occur as the result of your use of these transactions, including any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages. Solutions are offered within the realms of our ability. Please be advised that ravExchange does not endorses nor provides support for any third-party solutions. ravExchange has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party web sites or services. You hereby accept that your details will be added to the ravExchange database if a violation occurs. You also acknowledge this waiver, release, and indemnity discharge all persons, corporations, associations, and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in working at ravExchange.

But our team is here to help in any way we can.


Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Member Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Guidelines”, “Rules”) carefully before using our Facebook groups (the “Platform”) operated by ravExchange (“us”, “we”, “our”, “admins”, or “team members”).

Your access to and use of the Platform conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Member Terms. These Member Terms apply to all users who access or use the Platform.

By accessing or using the Platform, you agree to be bound by these Member Terms. If applicable, it applies to all forms of media including but not limited to: posts, comments, pictures, memes, videos, etc. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access the Platform.


This includes but not limited to: selling fake and/or used ticket(s), providing unethical claims, putting the safety of others in jeopardy, illustrating the intent to do harm, making suspicious transactions, etc.

This is strictly ravExchange users – we do not assist with transactions that occur outside of ravExchange.

The safety of our members is our number one priority. We built this Platform to bring together like-minded people, help them connect with each other, and promote a safe environment for fans to share products and information.

All evidence given from both parties are considered. If a member is found guilty of scamming based on concrete evidence, he or she will be banned from accessing our Platform. Their name, Facebook profile, and the verdict will be issued to our internal scammer list for other members to view here.

Each situation differs – additional options, such as ‘community pitchforking’, can be provided based on the situation at hand such as misunderstanding, refusal to comply, etc. Community ‘pitch-forking’ is posting a public announcement about the issue and asking the community for help towards a resolution. It is important to note that it is only allowed to a certain extent – if it gets out of hand, ravExchange has the right to remove the post or turn off commenting.


Flaking is prohibited across our platform. Your time is valuable and so is everyone else’s. No one wants to be in a situation where the other party flakes on a deal, so be mindful and certain with your decision to purchase or sell before approaching someone.

If a member is reported and the evidence illustrates this violation, he or she will be banned from accessing our Platform. It is not a violation if the two parties agreed to disband the deal.


This includes but not limited to: ambassadors (selling for commercial reasons), products, services, self-promotion, external links, ride shares, GoFundMe, Living Social, contests, surveys, referral links and/or discounts, free guest lists (without permission), etc.

When ravExchange was first established in 2013, it was a free-for-all. We had no rules or forms of censoring and as a result, it was chaos. The accessibility for tickets were extremely low because our Platform became flooded with all types of promoting from businesses and random products to contest entries. After the ravExchange team decided to ban promoting of any kind altogether, the accessibility for tickets increased exceptionally and it was easier to find event tickets. It is important to note that surveys do not necessarily fall under promoting, but because it once flooded the group pages, it is no longer allowed.

If a member is found promoting, his or her membership privileges will be revoked. If the post in question resides in a grey area, admins will make a judgment on whether a post is deemed as promoting.

Drug-Related Discussions and/or Illegal Activities

This includes but not limited to: posts, comments, pictures, memes, videos, slangs, “hints” that applies illegal activities (i.e. ‘I am looking for party favors’), etc.

The reason we are strict with this rule is because in the past, people abused this freedom. Members openly discuss quality of certain drugs, bought and/or sold drugs, discuss how to sneak in drugs, how drugs are used, and the-like. The internet, especially Facebook, is not safe for this type of discussion because it is illegal and we do not know if any of our members are undercovers. Altogether, the drug-related discussions hint the idea that our members may or may not have drugs in their possession which puts the safety of others in jeopardy.

We understand that it may be inevitable that some event attendees will use any form of drugs and the extreme need to stress the importance of safety and limits. It is within this context that we advise conducting extensive research on your own terms with the available resources out there. If a member is found participating or inciting any drug-related discussions or illegal activities, his or her membership privileges will be revoked.


Our Platform is a free market, which means (1) we do not place restrictions on prices and (2) members make economic decisions. However, it is considered unethical to be a scalper and abuse our secondary market. Our definition of a scalper is a person who buys and sells tickets that exceed the number allowed and/or sells for commercial reasons – not someone who simply sells a ticket for a higher price.

If a member is found guilty of scalping based on concrete evidence, he or she will be banned from accessing our Platform.


This includes but not limited to: hijacking original posts, posting excessively, posting irrelevant content, posting in disregard of rules, suspicious links, affiliate offers, random articles, controversial posts, school-related items, etc.

Not all items listed fit nicely into this category, but they all are essentially prohibited to ensure each group page continues to stay relevant and accessible to all members. If a post is irrelevant to a page but fits in another, a team member will direct he or she to the appropriate page. Otherwise, all ticket transactions must be kept to our respective ticketing platforms.
In addition, ravExchange have the right to make decisions as needed to preserve the peace within the community. If such a decision is made, an announcement would be provided under ‘pinned post’.

If a member is found spamming in any form mentioned above, his or her membership privileges will be revoked.

Fake Accounts and/or Duplicate Accounts

Prior to our Profile Screening process, we simply approved anyone who wishes to join our Platform. As our community began to grow, an influx of scams occurred. After analyzing the issue, we noticed that most scammers had a fake profile, duplicated accounts, and/or limited information on their public profile.

If a member is found guilty of using a fake profile and/or a duplicate account based on concrete evidence, he or she will be banned from accessing our Platform. If a member’s profile is not kept up-to-standards, his or her membership will be revoked until the appropriate measures has been taken.


This includes but not limited to: disrespect of any kind towards the admins, harassment, bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia/heterosexism, classism, discrimination, prejudice towards those who have physically or mentally challenges, anti-Semitism, excessive hostility towards a genre, producer, and/or other member’s music tastes, political differences, petty, irrelevant, and/or personal drama, etc.

Our Platform is built on the community, the shared love for electronic dance music, and the respect we have towards one another. The above mentioned is NEVER okay in any of our platforms.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the right to express it (even trolling), BUT there is a fine line between freedom of speech or harmless trolling and being hostile to the community.

This is a kind reminder that these guidelines are built from experience. Each team member is responsible and trusted with their judgment to ensure that our Platform continues to be efficient, accessible, and safe. If a member disagrees with an admin in any way, he or she is more than welcomed to contact one privately to express his or her opinion(s), provide suggestions or feedback, obtain a response, and work towards a mutual understanding. It is advised that the initial message should include as much insights as you wish to provide.

If a member makes the decision to post publicly to express his or her disagreement with disrespect and/or approach an admin in a disrespectful manner, his or her membership privileges will be revoked. Give respect to get respect.

Ticketing Guidelines

It is highly recommended that all transaction posts (from both buyers and sellers) should have an event name, quantity, and starting price point – of what you wish to buy or sell – to increase accessibility for tickets and utilize most of your time.

I. Exceptions: Free Tickets or Trading Tickets
II. Prohibition: Auction/Bidding for Purchasing, Community Pitchforking (Transactions Outside of ravExchange)

Any type of auction/bidding to ‘purchase a ticket’ are prohibited across all platforms. If a member is found guilty of posting an auction or bidding, he or she will be banned from accessing our Platform. If a member’s profile is not kept up-to-standards, his or her membership will be revoked until the appropriate measures has been taken.

To increase accessibility, only ticket-related posts are allowed on our respective ticketing pages. All other posts are directed to the appropriate pages such as: missing items & sharing content to Discussion or rave clothing & other products to Rave Gear. We reserve the right to delete posts as needed without warning.


The goal is to create a community of trustworthy users that we can all feel comfortable making deals with. Unfortunately, things may slip through the crack. We asked all members to kindly contact a team member, tag a team member, or use the report function to let us know any issues or concerns on the page.




ravExchange is an online property and registered trademark owned by Woobly, Inc. Permission must be granted for any use of our name. No individual, group, or business can reuse or repurpose our name for any reason without our written consent.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, you are welcome to email us at [email protected] For issues such as scams or more information regarding bans, please visit our dispute center for more options.