Dispute Center

It is not our priority to ensure you are following the rules that you are expected to know. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke member privileges to anyone. If you are unable to search our platform, your membership may be revokedĀ from violating our member terms. If you are able to search and request to join, this means you were given a warning for either (1) failing a profile screening or (2) violating member terms.

Report Member

We kindly ask you to help us create a safe experience for our users by reporting those who took advantage of our community. This includes but not limited to: scammers, flakers, suspicious profiles, or members conducting suspicious activities.

Request Escalation

We increased security when adding new members. This means that each request is required to go through a profile screening a precautionary safety measure to all our current members. Due to high demands, please expect delays. We can expedite your inquiry if requested, as a one time courtesy. If your profile does not meet our standards during this expedited screening, you will have to update your public profile accordingly and wait for the next review.

Bad Ticket Claims

The goal is to create a community of trustworthy users that we can all feel comfortable making deals with. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen - in most cases, it is due to miscommunication. If you are accused of providing an invalid ticket and wish to dispute this claim, you may open a ticket for assistance. You will need strong, concrete evidence before contacting our team.

Historical Data

You may request additional information or details regarding your membership. Removals are considered warnings; if you are able to search our platform via Facebook search, you may request to join. However, your profile will be subjected to a public profile screening. All bans are considered final; bans are issued for violations of our member terms.

Our Settlement Process


The affected party has submitted an open ticket for a bad transaction. The party accused is banned to avoid future incidences.


If the accused party does not respond in 24 hours, further actions will be taken and additional options will be provided to the affected party.


Both parties may present any available evidence or additional information to support their position.


The team member will make his or her decision based on all evidence provided or judgment on conclusion if parties involved cannot reach a resolution.